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The DSC Power 1832 alarm system is DSC’s mid level system in their hybrid hardwired / wireless series. Capable of up to 8 hardwired zones out of the box and expandable up to 32 wired or wireless. The DSC Power 1832 model offers four possible area partitions and can accommodate up to 48 user entry codes. We offer many different kit combos for this system in particular since it is our most popular.

Accessories for DSC system

Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Heat
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Built-in, dual-sensor heat detector with fixed heat and rate of rise (non UL listed)
  • Built-in 85dB horn
  • Local test button
  • Low profile design
  • High/Low sensitivity reporting
  • Low battery indication
  • Easy-maintenance removable smoke chamber
  • Non-contact sensitivity reading with handheld test meter (FSD-100)
  • Long-life lithium batteries included
  • UL/ULC/EN listed for residential applications

Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Heat
  • Built-in 85dB alarm at 10 ft (3 m)
  • Malfunction supervision
  • Low sensitivity supervision
  • Transmits RF status, low battery and tamper condition
  • Wall tamper
  • 4-5 year battery life
  • Onboard LEDs indicate: 

* Red – Alarm 
* Yellow – Trouble 
* Green – Power 
* Amber – Warm Up

  • End-of-Life (EOL) indicator (5 year)
  • Low battery supervision

Wireless Flood Sensor
The wireless flood detector is based on the WS4945 wireless door/window contact that is connected to a water probe through a 6 foot-wire. The product is enrolled as a flood zone detector with the following DSC control panels: ALEXOR, PowerSeries 9047, IMPASSA, PC1616, PC1832, PC1864, PC4020, and is fully supervised.

  • Built-in reed switch
  • Normally closed external contact input
  • 1 lithium battery included
  • Case and wall tamper
  • End-of-line resistor

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